The Problem Gambling Center was able to move forward as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity and establish provision of free services as a direct result of community partners. State of Nevada monies now play a role in our funding, but for many years it was only the generosity of our community and in particular the gaming industry, that allowed us to start our non-profit life. The visionary wisdom of these good partners and the humanitarian leadership of these corporations have truly set the model for community service relative to problem gambling. Were it not for them we would not be providing services, as State of Nevada funding is not adequate to remotley allow us to help the number of Clark County citizens that we reach each year. If you are interested in learning about becoming a community partner please email Lori Chirino, Clinic Manager at 

Hats off as always to our dear friends in the community that fund our good efforts here at The Problem Gambling Center.