The Problem Gambling Center's 6 week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers an unique approach to treating the pathological gambler. The most effective and swiftest recovery comes within a group setting, with others who are also on the road to recovery. This outpatient program combines real life with structured system of care from start to finish including Individual Therapy and Aftercare.

Patients are exposed to the latest in scientific research about this affliction and are armed with the knowledge they need to get better. In addition, interpersonal, family and occupational problems are explicit addressed.





Our Family, Friends and Concerned Others program is based on our belief that recovery from addiction is a family process. Loved one's participation, education and recoveries are vital to the successful outcome of long-term sustained recovery and change for the problem gambler. Our program is designed to guide families on how to be okay emotionally, spiritually and mentally whether the problem gambler continues in abstinence or not. We offer support, education and assistance in identifying leverage and healthy boundaries. The Problem Gambling Center currently offers Family, Friends and Concerned Others Group Therapy and Individual Counseling options for the loved ones of problem gamblers. 


  • Enable the individual to stop gambling
  • Strengthen the individuals self esteem
  • Aid in developing alternative sources of gratification and recreation
  • Help the individual to accept the need to make restitution, and assist with plans to make restitution
  • Provide counseling and therapeutic services to the individual and family members with ongoing recovery and support
  • Help family, friends and concerned others understand the disorder